ENICTO is a series of projects which will evaluate Exercise and Nutrition Interventions to Improve Cancer Treatment-Related Outcomes. This collaborative research program is funded by the National Cancer Institute and is comprised of a consortium Coordinating Center as well as four individual research projects with common questions and goals. ENICTO's vision is to improve the future of cancer care through exercise and nutrition.
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Four university-based studies are currently conducting research projects with the aim of advancing our understanding of how exercise and nutrition interventions may affect both outcomes and quality of life during cancer treatment. Under the leadership of project scientists at NCI and the consortium Coordinating Center, ENICTO supports the development, testing, and assessment of several lifestyle interventions.

ENICTO Projects

Individual, yet collaborative. This is the nature of the ENICTO consortium's research projects. With recruitment and performance sites spanning from the West to East Coast, the four trials are conducting their own research while measuring outcomes in an integrated manner. This allows for broad cross-consortium questions to be answered to ultimately improve the lives of those undergoing cancer treatment.

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